Burj Khalifa Dubai UAE

Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building in Dubai UAE which is 828m in height and has 163 floors. It is the most stunning result of architecture and engineering. It has two observation decks. One is on the 124th floor and the other one is on the 148th floor.
It was opened in January 2010 after the great hard work of 13,000 workers who worked day and night putting all their efforts to make a new floor in just three days.

Top view from the observation deck

Experiencing the top view from the world’s tallest building is the most enjoyable and blessed moment. People can use viewfinders to view more closely the distant objects from the height of 1483ft on the 124th floor. There is a total of six digital telescopes placed in the observation deck that gives a high-quality digital experience.

View from the top sky

To experience the world’s highest observation point you need to be on the 148th floor (1820ft) of Burj Khalifa. You will have a VIP experience with a guided tour where you have an interactive screen on which you can touch to go to different areas of the city and have a clear bird’s eye look.

Word’s highest restaurant

Visit the world’s highest restaurant on the 122nd floor with the most delicious and quality meal menu. There’s also a lounge for drink lovers one floor above.

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