Dubai Aquarium – Attraction at Dubai Mall UAE

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium is the most fascinating sight in the Dubai Mall. The aquarium holds thousands of sea animals like fish, sharks, and groupers who dance and dart around artificial coral. You get a free view from outside but must pay the ticket price to have a view through the tunnel.
The basic package also includes the opportunity to view the 5.1m long Australian crocodile named King Croc, living in the Underwater Zoo upstairs. This giant is 40 years old and weighs 750kg. He is accompanied by female Queen Croc.
Catching insects by shooting water is a favorite hobby of African lungfish and cheeky archerfish. Arabian toad chameleons also play their roles.
For an extra premium package, you can get close to the marine life by breathing underwater in a 10-million-liter water tank.

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