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Concrete is an excellent construction material- it’s low cost, durable, and easy to maintain. However, one of the few disadvantages to concrete floors is that they are not waterproof. This can lead to very expensive repairs in the future if you don’t take steps now to prevent water damage!

How do we do Floor Waterproofing?

First, we want to make sure that the floor is clean and dry before application. This ensures that the sealer will adhere properly and not be worn away by dirt, grime, or moisture in the air (or on a shoe!).

Next, we want to make sure there are no cracks or holes in the concrete because these can lead to water seeping through and causing damage- an easy way to catch this is that we’ll want to make sure the concrete is level- if not, it could lead to water seeping in at a low point and pooling around there.

Finally, be cognizant of waterproof coatings that are already on the floor; one might think this would help with waterproofing but oftentimes these sealers can let more moisture through than anticipated! Instead, we work from the top down so any existing waterproof coating will still do its job protecting against general spills and leaks while also being able to accept new waterproof coatings as they’re applied.

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Why floor waterproofing is necessary?

A waterproof coating is important for concrete floors because it can protect your floor from water, stains, and hot temperatures that would otherwise damage the surface. The best way to waterproof your floor is by choosing an appropriate type of waterproofing system so you know what will work well for you and prevent any future problems.

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Why are we the best waterproofing company in Dubai UAE?

Our team has done all the research on waterproof coatings including different types, prices, and benefits to make sure you have all the right information when making an educated decision about which product is best for your home or business. There are many ways in which we can help ensure this goal.

Our Waterproofing Methods

We do waterproofing using the latest waterproofing methods and techniques that are in accordance with the manufacturer and industry guidelines

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Cementitious Coating

These coatings are suitable for bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, floors, and laundry areas.

polyurethane icon

Polyurethane Coating

Polyurethane coatings are mostly used on roofs due to their UV-resistant and flexible properties.

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GRP Lining

GRP Lining has excellent waterproof durability and is used in water tanks and gutter lines

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Bituminous Coating

It is also known as asphalt coating and is mostly used in underground applications.

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Bituminous Membrane

These membranes are used on commercial projects. It also comes in self-adhesive membranes.


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