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The glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) lining is a cladding material. It is a form of pre-formed wet layup made from fiberglass fabric impregnated with colored resin and coated to prevent leakage, using an epoxy-based coating and baked at high temperature. GRP linings do not use the traditional tank lining method where raw materials are mixed and poured into a mold but require that workers place large amounts of resin, glass fiber strand, and colored pigments/coloring agents onto a mold.

GRP or Glass Reinforced Plastic was invented by J. Samuelson in 1931 which was aimed towards increasing the durability of boats by providing them with increased resistance to impacts caused by collisions or even waves as they passed over the surface.

GRP is nowadays used in waterproofing as an alternative waterproofing material because of its waterproof qualities, low maintenance nature, and long-term cost-effectiveness.

Technical details

It is waterproofed by the internal application of a lining that consists of glass fibers onto a resin-embedded fabric or mat called a scrim cloth. The scrim acts as the substrate onto which the fiberglass mesh (mat) is then integrated after it has been impregnated with polyester viscose solution. A ballast layer, typically granite sand aggregate is used to make sure that the concrete floor level will not be exposed to water penetration. The aggregate ballast also gives the extra load-bearing capacity to ensure its loading capacity on the ground level will not be affected when there are foundation settlement issues covered in foundation waterproofing systems.

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Applications of GRP Lining

The application of GRP lining waterproofing (also known as waterproof membrane) is most often seen within the waterproofing industry in areas where water tanks and waterproofing of the foundations are required.

GRP (glass reinforced plastic) can be used to waterproof structures by creating a waterproof barrier against water intrusion that sits directly between the upper and lower waterproofed layer. The GRP Lining waterproof system offers a matting product with excellent strength characteristics when combined with fiberglass mesh. Such a combination can be used to protect surfaces like concrete, steel, wood, and even existing GRP linings. GRP coating has excellent waterproof durability and versatility. It is applied in the following domains:

Steel, GRP, and Concrete Water Tanks

Sewerage & Chemical Tanks

Drainage and Gutter Lines

Wet Area Floors and Walls

Flat concrete or metal roofs.

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Advantages and Features of GRP Lining

Because of its hard-waterproof layer which is strongly bonded with the surface, fills cracks, gaps, and pinholes.

The final coat can withstand hard pressure and can contract and expand up to 3-8% in extreme weather conditions.

Proper mixing ratio of resins, catalyst, and chopped strand mat can give extraordinary strength and flexibility.

GRP Lining can withstand extreme chemical reactions in the waste tanks.

GRP coatings are also the poor conductor of electricity, so no harm will come in the case of an electrical short circuit

It can be used in a sweet water tank because it is nontoxic.

The final surface is nonslippery, and you can choose the color of the final surface as desired. The final coat is called Gelcoat which comes in different colors as per the customer’s choice.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of waterproofing services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

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Roof Waterproofing

We stop leaks through metal roofs, sandwich panels, concrete roofs, or tile roofs. Our roofing layer is UV resistant, lightweight, and flexible.

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Floor Waterproofing

We prevent water from damaging the concrete floors by sealing all the cracks and pinholes, thus stopping the seepage and moisture altogether.

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Wet Area Waterproofing

We stop leakage, seepage and moisture in bathrooms, laundry, toilets, and kitchens by professionally installing waterproofing membranes.

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Water Tank Waterproofing

We save water and increase the life span of water tanks by doing GRP Linings in the tanks. Of course, our waterproofing is non-toxic.

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Swimming Pool Waterproofing

We install the protective barrier in above and inground swimming pools. Our triple protection waterproofing system is best for pools.

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Basement Waterproofing

We do not let the moisture. mold and fungi damage your basement. We use anti-damp layers or injection treatment to address basement leakages.


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