Madinat Jumeriah

It is one of Dubai’s most attractive structures depicting the true tradition of the Arab Village. It is filled with the developments of the Souq market, colored hotels & villas, wind towers, and waterways. It looks most attractive at night when the lights are lit and Burj Al Arab popping from the background.

Mesmerizing Architecture

The architecture present at the foot of the Burj Al Arab looks like a luxurious village where traditional wooden boats running as water taxis, wind towers, and waterways conveying the traditional Arabian culture with the mix of the modern landscape.

Shopping at Souq Market

At the heart of the Madinat Jumeriah lies a Souq Market which is like a maze in which 75 shops are lined up along the wooden walkways. One can easily experience the Arab market vibes from seeing the high-quality Arab art and craftsmanship. There are various restaurants, café and bars are also present.

Riding on Cruise at Madinat Jumeriah

You can experience the 2.5 miles long windways on the 20 minutes cruise, traditionally called, Abra. The route of the cruise covers dazzling gardens of bougainvillea, bristling banana trees, and rising palms, all placed on the dramatic backdrop of Burj Al Arab.

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