Salman Syed Tech Services is the most trusted waterproofing company in UAE when it comes to the repairing of a leaky roof, whether it is a sandwich panel or a concrete roof.

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No one ever likes the water leaking through their ceilings and damaging the goods, important belongings, and materials inside your home, office, or warehouse.

What is Roof Waterproofing?

Roof Waterproofing provides an extra layer of protection to the roof that prevents water get inside your home, office, or warehouse. We as a roof waterproofing company can apply waterproof coating/ layer on metal roofs, sandwich panels, concrete flat roofs, and tile/shingle roofs.

What are the main causes of a roof leak?

Harsh Weather of UAE

In UAE due to harsh weather conditions, roofing materials do not keep up long enough and thus cannot prevent leakage. Or maybe the roof material lifespan is coming to an end.

Bad Quality of Material

The roofing material is not of high quality or maybe the material is poorly installed due to lack of experience.

Bad Overlapping

The overlapping of the sandwich panels is not properly sealed.

Exposed Membrane

Missing tiles/ shingles can expose the waterproof membrane to a hot climate and can be punctured.

Clogged Up Gutter

The gutter lines are clogged up with debris and the water may seep through the roof and get inside.

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What are the roof waterproofing methods we use?

We recommend liquid applied waterproofing membranes such as polyurethane, elastomeric, or urethane to be used on roofs instead of torch-applied bituminous membranes or EPDM. The liquid applied membrane is more feasible, environmentally friendly, and lightweight as compare to torch-applied membranes. The EPDM has a significant environmental impact as it adds thousands of tons of scrapped materials to the dump yards.

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This liquid applied roof system is called a cool roof as it has the benefit of reflexive white color which reflects much of the sunlight and lowers the temperature of the roof. It is more suitable for sandwich panels and metal roofs which also heat up in the hot climate of UAE.

The other method we recommend is the Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Lining. It provides a tough surface that cannot crack or bend. It is like having a new roof!

How much does the roof waterproofing cost?

It depends on the choice of liquid applied material selected for roof waterproofing and whether reinforcement fabric such as geotextile or fiber mesh is required or not. It also depends on the total area and how much labor cost will incur in the project?

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Our Waterproofing Methods

We do waterproofing using the latest waterproofing methods and techniques that are in accordance with the manufacturer and industry guidelines

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Cementitious Coating

These coatings are suitable for bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, floors, and laundry areas.

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Polyurethane Coating

Polyurethane coatings are mostly used on roofs due to their UV-resistant and flexible properties.

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GRP Lining

GRP Lining has excellent waterproof durability and is used in water tanks and gutter lines

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Bituminous Coating

It is also known as asphalt coating and is mostly used in underground applications.

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Bituminous Membrane

These membranes are used on commercial projects. It also comes in self-adhesive membranes.


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