Salman Syed Technical Services provides the only triple protection system in the whole UAE for the waterproofing of swimming pools

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Swimming pool waterproofing is the protective barrier used to prevent leakage in, out and around a pool, spa, or any water-holding structure. Without proper waterproofing techniques, the pool is at risk of premature deterioration and can lead to serious problems such as mold or mildew buildup. Leakage that occurs around the swimming pool is a common occurrence, especially with above-ground pools as compared to an inground pool but should be addressed to prevent water damage and other issues.

Why does leakage happen in swimming pools?

Lightweight concrete mixes are used in the construction of a swimming pool above ground or on ground level. The lightweight concrete needs to be mixed with sand at least six feet thick before pouring into a hole dug out for its location. If it is not done correctly, water can seep through the concrete wall.

The other factors that lead to the leakage of swimming pools are:

Cracks that are left untreated during the curing process of concrete

Absence of proper waterproofing membrane between the concrete wall and pool water

Lack of the filling of pool joints

Inadequate installation of plumbing pipelines

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How do we do waterproofing in swimming pools?

We check the exterior shape of the swimming pool for cracks and soft spots to ensure no leakage has occurred before waterproofing.

The first step in waterproofing a swimming pool is to remove debris from the surfaces that may cause moisture problems. Debris includes leaves, dirt, and small rocks.

The next step is to ensure water cannot find its way into the swimming pool. Cover any holes in the pool’s floor that may lead to leaking, and repair any cracks on the walls.

Waterproofing your swimming pool is easy if you are using a professional waterproofing product such as cementitious compounds. This product seals small openings between concrete surfaces faster than most of the other coatings.

Then finally, we allow the product to dry for 48 hours

Our triple protection system for swimming pools waterproofing

Salman Syed Tech Services has one of the best swimming pool waterproofing systems in Dubai UAE. It provides the triple protection waterproof layer below the screed/ plaster. 1st layer of acrylic coating, 2nd layer of cementitious waterproof coating, and the 3rd layer of 450 GSM GRP Lining.

With our triple protection waterproof system for swimming pools, you don’t have to worry about any leaks for at least 25 years. We also use waterproof grout after the fixation of tiles. The grout is properly filled in the gaps leaving no space between the tiles.

If you have a swimming pool with leaks, repair them before they become larger problems. If you allow water to leak through your swimming pool every day, then eventually there will be too much water in the ground below your swimming pool.

Our Waterproofing Methods

We do waterproofing using the latest waterproofing methods and techniques that are in accordance with the manufacturer and industry guidelines

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Cementitious Coating

These coatings are suitable for bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, floors, and laundry areas.

polyurethane icon

Polyurethane Coating

Polyurethane coatings are mostly used on roofs due to their UV-resistant and flexible properties.

grp lining icon

GRP Lining

GRP Lining has excellent waterproof durability and is used in water tanks and gutter lines

bituminous coating icon

Bituminous Coating

It is also known as asphalt coating and is mostly used in underground applications.

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Bituminous Membrane

These membranes are used on commercial projects. It also comes in self-adhesive membranes.


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