Before we explore the best ways to do basement waterproofing, it is important to know why the basement is wet or has moisture in the first place?

Most of the basements in the UAE are below grade so they are more vulnerable to excess moisture and water damage. The reasons why the basement suffers wetness are:

Wall Paint Coming Off Due to Dampness & Seepage
  • Cracks in the foundation provide the way for water to seep through and damage the basement walls and floors.
  • Improper installation of drainage cannot take the water away from your structure; thus, the water gathers around your foundation and eventually finds a way inside of your premises.
  • As the groundwater level in UAE is high so the basement walls and floor are constantly experiencing hydrostatic pressure. This pressure can force water to penetrate inside the structure if the structure is not properly waterproof.
  • The mildew, mold, and yellowish color you see on the basement walls are due to the condensation that occurs in the basement because of humidity levels.

The top 2 methods of basement waterproofing

  • Waterproofing from inside
    This method is used once the problem has been identified. In this method, condensation is particularly addressed with injection systems, sealants, and liquid-applied coatings. In this method, it is ensured that any cracks and pinholes are properly sealed and watertight. To seal cracks or pinholes two types of waterproofing material are used. One is applied with injections to completely seal the holes and cracks as soon as it contacts with water. The other material is the waterproof coating that is applied 2 to 3 times on the surface to make the impenetrable layer.
  • Waterproofing from outside
    This method involves the excavation of the area around the surrounding foundation so that the external walls can be waterproofed. This method is not recommended for existing structures. The goal of this method is to block the water from reaching inside in the first place. Usually, this method is recommended during the construction phase.
Ceiling Is Affected Dut To Seepage

Choose the first method if you are facing wetness in your existing basement because the second method is very costly and may require heavy machinery and equipment and permission from the municipality.

Choose the second method if the building is in the construction phase. You can hire a waterproofing expert like Salman Syed Technical Services not only for the second method but also for the first method of basement waterproofing.

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